Monday, July 24

finn's year at preschool.

It was difficult for me to leave Finn for his first day of preschool, especially because he was crying and sad to be leaving me.  The growth that happened in this one year, not just physically, was amazing to see and I loved being able to see his excitement for learning each day he came home.  He loved his friends and teacher and talked about them often.  His teacher, Miss Toya, nick-named him "policeman Finn" because he would always dress up in the police costume in the imagination room.  We loved Miss Toya, she was so good with Finn.  I am so proud of Finnegan and can't wait to see him learn and grow even more!

 first day!!

 the picture his teacher sent me on the first day because i had left him crying.  i love that they sent it to me so i knew he was ok.  this is the police costume he always dressed up in.

 "a" for apple.

 first drawing of a person.  do you see it?

 field trip to wheeler farm.

 christmas program.  julie (in the red dress) was killing me with her death stare and she stood next to super happy and animated finn!

 maddox. cade. hudson (who finn called "handsome" for the first half of the year). finn. brinley. aerylia. julie.

first and last day.  look how much he grew!!!

Sunday, July 23

family photos 2016

In the fall we had one of my good friends, Elizabeth, take our family photos.  Mike had a place all picked out from another shoot Elizabeth had done a few years prior.  We headed to Tibble Fork Reservoir and it was the most beautiful backdrop with the fall colors and green pine trees.  We had so much fun with Elizabeth and she did a great job capturing our family.  Here are some of my favorites:

Tuesday, November 8

soccer mom.

I became a soccer mom and I loved every second of it.  We loved being able to go to Finn's games each Saturday to cheer him on (and tell him which way to dribble the ball...).  He scored a goal in his very first game and had a few other goals that counted, but not for our team.  I can't wait for the spring when it starts up again!

Kirk had games on the same field!
 Finn's team:  Finn, Kai, Stuart, William, Brooklyn, Owen, Millie

finnegan goes to preschool.

My little buddy is in school.  It's just preschool, but how can he be old enough!?  Here he is on his first day of school.  He was really sad when I left, but the staff at his school sent me a photo of him dressed as a policeman and assuring me he was ok.  His first teacher was Miss Laura, but he ended up leaving and now his teacher is Miss Toya.

 "A" for Apple.

 Miss Laura.

Field trip to the farm!

Wednesday, November 2

california summer.

Mike, who was already out of town, called me on a Tuesday and said he was going to have to be LA for work over the weekend and told me to pack up the kids and meet him down there!  We had been trying to plan a trip to California but it kept getting postponed because work was pretty busy for Mike, so this seemed like our best option for us to all be there.  My parents had just finished a major remodel of the home I grew up in and I was dying to get there!  We ended up staying for 2 weeks and had way too much fun together.

Our first stop on our way down to California was to Grandma and Grandpa Hondo's house.  Finn loves to get all riled up and Dottie obviously loves to be held for pictures.

It took us way too long to drive from St. George to my parents' house, but we finally made it and the weather was perfect.  I love going on bike rides in the early morning with my dad.  We always stop where the river trail meets the ocean.  I love the early mornings so much.

Our first beach day.  Victoria Street in Laguna.  Who is this handsome guy!!

 Grandparupa and Nona took Finn to see Finding Dory.  Looks like they had the theater to themselves!

Of course a ride on the carousel at South Coast Plaza.  I love that little smile.

Grandparupa loves a napping buddy.

Cousin Danny and his family came from Texas to spend the weekend.  Finn was obsessed with their kids and we barely saw him the whole time.

Hermosa Beach Pier.

Beach with Aunt Kellie!

Reunited with Sara and our kiddos.

Shopping with GGma!

I love being at the beach in the late afternoon.  The tide is perfect.

Visiting GGpa.  Finn and Dot were a hit with all his friends!

We couldn't have ended our trip any better.  Mike ended up having to take a business trip during our vacation and his boss felt bad so he offered us some tickets to ADELE!!! We sat in a VIP lounge.  What. A. Night.

While we went to Adele, Heidi and her kids came to spend a week.  I'm so glad we were able to overlap even if it was only for less than 24 hours.  I can't get enough of those cutie kids.

Hit up Cafe Rio in St. George on our way home.  Turns out Grandpa Hondo heard we were there and decided to meet us only to pull up as I was rushing into our car.  Oops!

and now i'm really missing my tan,